Santa Cruz’ Stripe & Stripe Men toast 6-year Birthday with Imperial Barber Products

In Downtown Santa Cruz, Stripe and Stripe MEN feature a curated selection of clothing, gifts, accessories, home furnishings and decor. In 2009, founders Suna Lock and Dana Rader opened Stripe because they felt there was a need for a creative shopping experience in Santa Cruz. The duo were tired of traveling elsewhere to find unique clothing and gifts. And Suna and Dana love working with many incredible independent designers and makers, especially those who live locally. Lock and Rader opened Stripe Men two years ago since the men’s section at Stripe had been the biggest growing category. Stripe MEN has a great selection of anything from barware to grooming products, pocket knives and raw selvedge denim. Stripe celebrated their sixth birthday at Stripe MEN with two local barbers offering beard trims, haircuts and styling using Imperial Barber Products with all donations benefiting Hope Cuts, which supports cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS research at the City of Hope.

Says Rader, “Our best seller is the classic pomade, but we carry everyone one of Imperial Barber Products and our customers love them!”