Spotlight: Proper Barbershop, Denver

When there isn’t a business you want to work with, open your own one up. That’s why Jordan Weinstein opened up Proper Barbershop in Berkeley, an up and coming neighborhood in Northwest Denver in 2011.

“What was available was either chains, salons, or old-man barbershops and I’d had my fill of those,” says Weinstein.

Proper Barbershop stocks Imperial Barber Products, because they are ”tried and true products that work exactly as they promise to.” Weinstein’s personal favorite is the Fiber Pomade: “It’s one of the best styling products I’ve had my hands on for almost 16 years as a barber. My clients mostly use either the Fiber or Classic Pomades on dry or damp hair as a topical finishing agent.”

3923 Tennyson Street, Denver