Shaving Like a Man

Your grandfathers may think proper shaving is a lost art. He may think that you and your young whipper-snapper friends have grown lazy and accustomed cheap, disposable shaving products. But that’s only because you haven’t told him about Imperial Barber’s shaving products.

At Imperial Industries Barber Products, our team has spent a combined 26 years in the Los Angeles and New York City barber culture. In all those years, we’ve never found the “perfect” shaving products on supermarket shelves to be quite as perfect as they claimed to be. Since our expectations were continually crushed, we made the perfect products ourselves. We focused on classic men’s grooming products and grounded our products in heritage, function, and utility.

Our Glycerin Shave/Face Soap is a 100% natural, dual-purpose, high-performance shaving and facial cleansing bar. It is infused with Vitamin E, Safflower, Palm and Coconut oils, which will protect your skin and provide optimal blade glide.

Our Pre-Shave Oil protects your skin from redness, razor burn, and flare-ups with a proprietary blend of essential oils. This provides an unsurpassed protection, which results in the closest shave possible.

Our Bergamot After-Shave provides the ultimate all-sensory post-shave healing experience. It is made to calm, heal, moisturize, and condition inflamed skin while closing pores and restoring balance to your face.

All of our products were designed with performance and functionality in mind.  We didn’t rush the development process, and all products were tested and refined by a team of real barbers and real customers.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our men’s shaving products, click here. And learn how to shave like a man yourself.