Send a Broquet, Braugh!: Q&A with Max Solomon,

Stumped on buying a gift for a bro, pops or boss for the right price? A custom gift basket with shaving goods, a cocktail shaker and Sriracha popcorn sounds cool, but who has time to gather goods around town or pay combined shipping costs? That’s where comes in. They offer gift sets specifically designed for men. The Barber Archive chatted with CEO Max Solomon on how he came up with the idea, and what sets them apart.

The idea behind
We actually got our start a couple years ago when I was back east for my grandfather’s funeral. My co-founder was looking online to send me something, and all he could find were these kind of cheesy gift baskets. If I were a girl he could have easily sent flowers or something like that, but there just weren’t any options. So he ended up not sending anything at all — and feeling bad about it. When we both got back to San Francisco, we started talking about the lack of options in the gift-basket-for-guys category, a conversation that resulted in Broquet.

Who should shop Broquet?

The Broquet man is someone who works hard, but also has a life outside of his job. When he’s not working, he wants to get away from his computer, go outside, and build something with his hands. He appreciates quality products, good food and a well-made cocktail.

How are you different from other online gift box subscription? 

We like to think that we have a better grasp on what guys are actually looking for. Guys want stuff they can use, they don’t want filler, and they definitely don’t want wicker baskets and ribbons. We put together kits designed around specific experiences to help him make a proper cocktail, chop wood, shave like his grandpa. We source from small, American companies that dedicate their lives to creating high quality and unique products. You won’t find anything on our site at your local gas station or super market.

A great grooming Broquet?

One that we’re particularly proud of is The Colonial, which includes everything you’ll need to start shaving with a safety razor, all in a reclaimed cigar box. We know that shaving is a necessity for a lot of guys who aren’t lumberjacks or long-haul truck drivers, so if you can’t grow a beard like a man, the least you can do is shave like one.

What’s next?

We’re constantly testing out new concepts to try and reach as many different types of guys out there. We know people have different hobbies and interests, so we want to make sure we have something for everyone on our site. We’re also really open to feedback and suggestions, so if you have any brilliant ideas, shoot us an email at